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Why buy insurance for Australia?

Why buy insurance for Australia

Australia is a distant country that attracts many foreigners each year. Land of all adventures, we go to Australia to surf incredible waves, dive into the largest barrier reef in the world or meet for the first time rare animals such as koala, kangaroo …. but also dangerous insect species like the spider “redback”!

If you, too, are tempted, know that in addition to your suitcase and your passport, there is another essential: a good health insurance for Australia!

Indeed, the cost of medicine in Australia is among the highest in the world! On average, it takes $ 120 (about 80 €) for a simple consultation with a general practitioner, 450 $ (about 300 €) for a visit to the emergency department and 4000 $ (about 2700 €) for a “simple” hospitalization, as for example 3 days in the hospital for appendicitis.

Having travel insurance to pay for your care is not a luxury! Here are some tips on choosing the best insurance for Australia, depending on your visa or status.

Travel insurance for tourists in Australia

Going to Australia for the holidays promises a journey rich in discoveries and adventures. Nevertheless, you are not immune to a health concern, such as an insect bite or a more serious emergency. If you bought your trip with your credit card, you may be entitled to travel insurance included, but remember to check if it meets your needs.

You can do this by reading our checkpoints before traveling with the insurance of your credit card .

If you want to go on vacation peace of mind, nothing better than a travel insurance that covers your medical expenses on site, your hospitalization, repatriation assistance (in case of major health concerns) and a civil liability guarantee. These are the essential guarantees of good health insurance.

Discover our Globe Partner contract , which covers you for your holidays in Australia, from a few days to several months.

In addition, the price of a plane ticket for Australia is not given, also think to take out a cancellation insurance , which reimburses you for your trip in case it has to be canceled.

Insurance for PVT / WHV in Australia

The Working Holiday Permit (WHV) or Working Holiday Visa (WHV) is a visa for young French and Belgian under 30 years, which allows them to stay 12 months in Australia to work or tourism. This visa is obtained very easily in a few clicks, it is a real opportunity to experience abroad!

However, obtaining the PVT visa is subject to the subscription of a suitable insurance policy, which covers your medical expenses and hospitalization, repatriation and a civil liability guarantee for the entire stay.

Ideally, this contract can also cover you in case of care following an accident or illness related to your professional activity , such as Woofing or HelpX, for example.

Discover our Globe PVT / WHV contract , specially designed to meet the requirements of PVT countries and available at the best price thanks to our partner

By subscribing to our Globe PVT / WHV contract with our partner , you will benefit from a 10% discount and a customer service dedicated to insurance directly on the PVTiste forum, from where you can ask all your questions.

Health insurance for students and trainees in Australia

To study or an internship in Australia is to have the chance to study in an English speaking country and open up to new horizons and great career opportunities.

To take advantage of a student visa in Australia, you will need health insurance that covers your care and repatriation to your home country.

Our Globe Partner contract , in addition to the essential guarantees such as medical expenses, hospitalization and repatriation, offers guarantees specially designed for students, such as civil liability for items entrusted during internships or the interruption option. study, which supports your tuition if you can no longer attend classes.


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