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Which bank to choose? A few tips !

Which bank to choose A few tips !

You are young and dynamic and are looking for a bank for the opening of a current account and savings or for a loan for example. But which bank to choose? Nowadays, there are many possibilities for choosing a bank. We give you some tips on how to do it.

Choose the bank of your parents

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Looking for a bank to open a savings account or a loan? How to do it? Here are a few tips.

It does not seem really adventurous or daring, but the experience that your parents can have for years with their bank is a good source. They probably have sight and savings accounts, a car loan , a loan for housing , or even a pension savings . They are therefore “experts” as regards the quality of the products and services of their bank. This avoids you to advance blindly.

Choose the bank of your friends or your friend

There is nothing wrong with choosing the bank where your friends are customers. In fact, it’s exactly the same story as above. The only difference is that you get the pros and cons of someone your age. This naturally also has its advantages because he / she is probably looking for a bank just like you.

Analyze the website of each bank

The more you know about what a bank has to offer, and more precisely how it informs its customers and tries to convince them, the better. It is also a great way to compare banks with each other. Have a look at Bancompare , Comparebanque and which will bring you a lot of information.

Switch from one bank to another

At most banks living with their time, you can open a current account online and even subscribe to many products. But it’s certainly not a bad idea to consider going to some bank branches near you. What does the office look like? Hip or exceeded? Are banking agents friendly, arrogant or disinterested? Will you stand out with a good feeling and the information you are looking for? So it’s worth it to go there.

Try a bank and see how it goes

It’s possible ! You can always switch banks if you are not satisfied with what they offer. You will also get free help from the interbank mobility service . All information about this service can also be found in this brochure by Febelfin (the Belgian Financial Sector Federation).

Good luck looking for your new bank!

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