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What does your travel insurance cover?

What does your travel insurance cover

You are leaving on a trip and you are going to take out a travel insurance policy . Here are the essential guarantees that this insurance must include.

Health guarantees

First of all, the first guarantee obviously concerns medical expenses. Your contract must therefore take care of emergencies, but also all the diseases that can occur on a daily basis. This insurance must cover the costs of general practitioner and specialist, pharmacy, analysis, radios etc.

However, any insurance contract contains exclusions and these must be clearly stated in the information notice. For example, are not going to be taken care of, chronic diseases and diseases prior to contract subscription, as well as dental care (except in case of emergency or accident).

It may be useful to recall here the definition of certain terms commonly used in travel insurance contracts:

Ceiling of guarantee  : It is for a sinister, the maximum sum that the company agrees to take charge of.

First euro  : This means that the insurance company is the only insurer, and does not come in addition to social security.

Franchise  : In the event of a claim, it is the sum, whatever the amount of the invoice, which will never be refunded.

Waiting period  : At the beginning of the contract, the duration during which the health expenses are not covered.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your insurer. He is there to inform you about any doubts you may have.

Guarantees of assistance

The assistance guarantees are also essential guarantees. Here are the main ones:

Assistance repatriation  : If you are sick or injured, following a guaranteed event, and if there is no local medical infrastructure that can take care of you, the insurance company organizes your repatriation. With the agreement of the company’s medical adviser, this repatriation can be done either to the nearest adapted hospital or to the hospital closest to you.

In case of death, the repatriation of the body is taken care of from the place of beer, to the airport closest to your home.

Attendance in case of hospitalization  : If you are hospitalized and your state of health does not allow repatriation before 7 days, in the case of our Globe Partner contract , the company will take care of the transportation of a family member for go to your bedside at the hospital.

Premature return  : If you must interrupt your trip in the event of the death of a member of your immediate family, the company will cover your additional transportation costs.

Legal Assistance Abroad : If you are prosecuted for an involuntary breach of the law of the foreign country in which you are staying, the company will pay up to € 3,000, for example, for our Globe Partner contract, the fees of representatives of the justice that you have sponsored.

Civil liability

Civil liability is the obligation to take care of the damage caused to others by their fault. Guarantee obviously essential. Let’s take an example: If, by watering the flowers on your balcony, you drop a flowerpot on the head of a lady who walks on the sidewalk, this lady is likely to sue you if you are not well insured.

However, the guarantee offered to you remains a private liability. It can not in any way supplant a professional, rental or automobile liability.

Other guarantees

Cancellation and baggage warranties are also standard but important safeguards.

The cancellation guarantee  : This guarantee takes effect the day of the signature of the contract and ends the day of your departure. If, for a reason included in the contract, you can not finally make your trip, you will be reimbursed for your travel expenses, on the one hand by the travel agency that applies its refund on a sliding scale, and on the other hand. the other hand by the insurance company which will come up to 100% in addition to this first reimbursement. Do not hesitate to ask us all the details about our Globe Cancellation contract .

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