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Types of audits and objectives sought

Types of audits and objectives sought

In countries such as France and the rest of the capitalist countries, the majority of companies work with an audit service,which helps them to verify that both the tax and administrative information that appears on their accounts, fully reflect the reality.

Thanks to this auditing service, the company in question will be able to verify in a professional way and in accordance with the French regulations and laws ,  that all the  fiscal and administrative operations  carried out within the environment of the company, were carried out according to what was planned and in respect of all relevant legal frameworks.

What is a financial audit?

Before detailing the different types of audit, it seems essential, if not essential, to define the audit as such. So what is it?

An audit , in the broadest sense of the term, is professional expertise performed by a competent and above all impartial and totally disinterested professional. This expertise can concern a wide range of aspects. It may be financial statements, procedures, internal control , the entire organization, or several targeted departments, and so on.

The intervening agent assesses, investigates, verifies and controls the various aspects related to the subject of the audit.

This procedure consists, among other things, in ensuring that regulatory and / or prescriptive requirements are met.

If the audit is currently perceived in a pejorative way by a large number, it must be known that it is, above all, a tool for improvement. Indeed, it allows to make a global point on the state of the company , to detect its strengths and weaknesses in order to be able to work on them. Non-compliant aspects can also be managed through this.

To carry out their mission, the control agents are based on the laws, the standards in force, the texts, the accounting standards and other legal texts related to the activity of the company.

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