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Myths about CRM

Myths about CRM

First myth is that the artificial intelligence is the defining factor of future CRM. AI is a fashionable word which all branches seek to adopt. Suppliers of CRM don’t lag behind — for 2017 some vendors have introduced components of artificial intelligence in the products. Of course, AI technologies will play a large role in future of CRM. But the idea that AI is an Alpha and Omega more likely not reality, but a message of marketing specialists. AI in CRM only supplements functionality to make the client a little more happy. You can’t go and buy a piece of artificial intelligence. Therefore those who sell you system on the basis of AI disassemble a little. If you want to see a solution where AI is integrated properly visit this website.

Automatic bots will replace people in the scenarios connected with the client

This myth is quite distributed, but the prospect of the marketing automation which is completely replacing people in interaction with clients actually will do more harm, than advantage. As people interact with each other and still appreciate personal communications, chatbots shouldn’t replace real-life communication with clients. It is important that bots and people worked together — it is possible to automate some routine tasks (including, organization self-service), but only people can give to communication a context. The automated and human components have to remain bound — interaction with the client progresses continuously.

CRM is most useful as some kind of “Big brother” serving as the vice-president for sales

This myth has real roots — at the beginning of the existence of Customer Relationship Management System it was the main tool for managers allowing to watch quality of work of sellers. Nevertheless, CRM became a basis of strategy for improvement of the relation with clients today. Now Customer Relationship Management System unites data on clients from different sources, giving to employees the chance to have a full picture of the relations. CRM has to be focused on the user for the user, but not on coercive measures from the management.

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