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Companies are increasingly cutting office space costs. Many have opted to have their workers work remotely. However, sometimes this work plan does not work especially when collaboration is needed among the employee. Whenever needed, co-working space is rented to facilitate this meeting of brains. gives employees who work remotely the chance to interact with other employees they have probably never met despite their online communications.

Benefits of co-working space on productivity

  • When working from home, productivity is likely to be affected thanks to distractions, or lack of motivation, especially when working alone. Working in an environment with other people working tends to put one in a working mood.
  • Coworking allows for brainstorming if a company is facing a crisis and is need of all ideas it can get if they are to pull through. This necessitates presence of all workers, even those that work remotely. Coworking space is ideal for such situations.
  • Some people prefer working in an environment where there are other people. Extroverts find it hard to work in solitude. Availability of coworking space works for such individuals. Otherwise their productivity is likely to suffer if they are constrained to work alone.
  • More people are opting to be entrepreneurs because the job market has become too narrow to accommodate everyone. Coworking brings together like minded people, who even if they work in different fields, have similar challenges as entrepreneurs. This interaction may be beneficial to those who need help in overcoming challenges that others can help with.
  • Coworking still gives an individual a sense of freedom even if he is in a working environment. This is especially true for freelancers and want to maintain their independence while at the same time enjoy working in an office environment.
  • Many coworking spaces come fitted with necessary amenities for a working environment such as printers, kitchen space, high speed internet and a lounge to relax. These are far more attractive to work with than working in a coffee shop.
  • Coworking provides networking opportunities. Working in the same space allows one to meet new people and even interact with clients coming to visit others working in the same space.
  • Besides networking, coworking provides one with updates on the goings on in the business world. Working from home can be restrictive especially when it comes to access to information. One can easily miss great deals due to lack of information.
  • Nothing beats walking to a fully furnished space and getting to work. Coworking spaces are definitely cheaper to renting office space as you will also need to furnish it on top of the cost of rent. Coworking space is cheaper as you can by the day, week or month depending on your budget. is definitely the way to go if you are a sole proprietor who wants an office environment with other workers around you. The networking alone can be a great boost to your business. One should not under estimate the benefits of such a working space as it definitely has lasting benefits to a business.

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