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Why buy insurance for Australia?

Why buy insurance for Australia

Australia is a distant country that attracts many foreigners each year. Land of all adventures, we go to Australia to surf incredible waves, dive into the largest barrier reef in the world or meet for the first time rare animals such as koala, kangaroo .... but also dangerous insect species like the

How to be a well-insured backpacker?

How to be a well-insured backpacker

You have decided to go on the roads of the world, bag on the back. what an adventure! But before the big departure, some administrative steps are necessary, like the subscription of a travel insurance. This is certainly not the most exhilarating part of the preparations, but it's a must! So to be

What does your travel insurance cover?

What does your travel insurance cover

You are leaving on a trip and you are going to take out a travel insurance policy . Here are the essential guarantees that this insurance must include. Health guarantees First of all, the first guarantee obviously concerns medical expenses. Your contract must therefore take care of emergencies, but also all the diseases that can occur

The Importance of Repatriation Assistance

The Importance of Repatriation Assistance

Repatriation assistance, you must certainly hear about it when you look at travel insurance to subscribe for your next getaway. It is often said that it is very important, but why exactly? What is repatriation? Repatriation can take different aspects, depending on your state of health and where you are. For example, if you