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Yes! You heard it right! You are going to be a millionaire in a few days’ time! Does it still look like a dream to you? You must quit thinking like that! No part of it is a dream. It is all happening and, happening in reality! So go ahead

5 sources of funding to start self-employment

5 sources of funding to start self-employment

When you become self-employed, there are new expenses to plan: a new computer, specialized software, a website explaining your services. To cover start-up costs, there are different sources of funding. Because some of them apply to particular conditions, an overview is required. A suitable down payment In order to prove your willingness to

La Ruche, a meeting between crowdfunding and communities

meeting between crowdfunding and communities

Sociofinancing is one of the many topics addressed by Not only is it one of the sources of funding for self-employment , it is also a topic of discussion: should we choose Kickstarter or Indiegogo? Instead of presenting a global platform, we will take a look at a Quebec crowdfunding platform: La Ruche . What is La

Self-employment: Keeping one’s job or getting started?

Self-employment Keeping one's job or getting started

Becoming self-employed represents a career change that can be a little scary. That's why it can be tempting to keep your job for a moment, what is commonly known as a "day job" that keeps some financial security. The choice is not always obvious. Here are some tips based on several personal experiences

Sociofinancing: Increase your chances of success

Increase your chances of success

You spent a lot of time preparing a project and want to use the crowdfunding to achieve it? The success rate for crowdfunding campaigns averaged 50% in 2012, according to the Canada Media Fund . To put all the chances on his side, it is better to be ready before proposing a project. Here are

Sociofinancing: financed, but not delivered?

Sociofinancing financed, but not delivered

The crowdfunding can give a big boost to your entrepreneurial project, especially if you took care to follow our advice to increase your chances of success . However, according to one study , 9% of projects funded on Kickstarter fail to deliver their product to their contributors. Based on an example of failure, we offer tips