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Grow-your-Business Conference this 27/04 at LLN

Grow-your-Business Conference

Is the growth of your business one of your priorities in 2017? If so, is your strategy ambitious enough to generate this growth? Do you know how to generate more Leads? Transform more prospects into Customers? Discover the impact of Inbound Marketing on the growth of your business as well as the  key methods of companies that generate more

Focusing on Growth: Business Growth Strategies

Focusing on Growth: Business Growth Strategies

Entrepreneurs have many incentives to start a business. Some wish to live their art with a certain freedom of action. For others, it's building something. To see big. Then comes the question of growth. What strategies can be put in place for the "baby" to develop? Some lines of thought to better take action. Several experts claim

How to improve the profitability of your SME?

improve the profitability of your SME

Your SME is growing and you know you need to keep a close eye on its costs and structure it further to enable it to reach its full potential. However, as a business owner, you also want to spend less time on administrative tasks to focus more on your strengths and

What is social proof and why is it essential to marketing?

social proof and why is it essential to marketing

According to Wikipedia , social proof is a sociological principle that an individual not knowing what to do or what to think, will tend to adopt the behavior or point of view of other people. Social proof is a concept as old as marketing (think of testimonials in old advertisements), but the advent